2024 Backpacking Schemes

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In many ways, backpacking is like a cat. You can ignore it for ages but eventually it’ll be sitting on your stomach screaming in your ear.

The resemblances do not end there. Like cats, backpacking can be a pain in the butt but we wouldn’t want to be without it. Some people spend exorbitant amounts of money on their fur princess/10lb-base-weight ultralight backpacking rig while some people just let the thing survive off a dripping bathtub faucet and the birds it kills… I’m slightly losing control of the simile here.

Also, everybody loves to talk about their cats and everybody loves to talk about their backpacking. It is spring with a vengeance. As I write this the sun is shining through my window. Last time I went to my favourite shoulder-season campsite it was actually crowded. So it’s is officially The Season; the cat of backpacking is making kitty biscuits in my blanket and walking on my face. He has lots of food but still demands to be fed, and it is time that I got up and moved the kibbles of backcountry excitement into a little heap in the middle of the bowl of outdoor adventure.

So here are the hikes with which I plan to scritch beneath the chin of my nature needs in 2024.

(Nailed it.)

Olympic Peninsula North Coast
32.1mi (51.6km)
Elevation Gain
1538.7ft (469m)
Max Elevation
301.1ft (92m)

The Sawback Hook
48mi (77.3km)
Elevation Gain
7290ft (2222m)
Max Elevation
8409.9ft (2563m)
" dasharray="" opacity="
Red Deer-Clearwater Circuit
94.2mi (152km)
Elevation Gain
12740ft (3883m)
Max Elevation
8536.7ft (2602m)
  1. Neither the videos nor the blogs are short, either. Whether you think writing or videographing in the backcountry is harder, doing both is definitely hardest. They’re pretty good!
  2. I could do a whole blog post on my transportation for this hike but who’d read it? Suffice to say there’s a lot going on.
  3. Both 2023 and 2024 hikes start at Mt. Norquay and overlap as far as Mystic Junction where blue turns left. Some browsers show this on the map better than others.
  4. Yes, I could hike out down the Moose River, but that’s supposed to be a miserable trail and frankly I want to see Berg Lake.

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